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Why YRfree

Businesses are increasingly relying on technology and the data it can provide to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs. Many are also thinking about addressing the challenges of improving customer experiences, doing more with less resource, often against a backdrop of heightened levels of compliance, transparency and accountability.

This is where YRfree comes in. We enable companies needing evidence based data for their business models to be really innovative and gain a competitive advantage. Our real-time, two-way audio and video data capture technology allows you to see what your customers and colleagues see, and what other third parties may ‘need to see’.

Why is this so important? Business critical evidential data can now be captured on-site and stored, tamperproof, to our enterprise media hub. From there it can be accessed, assessed and shared to help the resolution of any issues.

Building a competitive advantage

Improving productivity

Improve customer service

Reducing costs of doing business

YRfree innovation

What makes YRfree the smart choice?
What makes YRfree the smart choice?

Smarter technology, smarter connections

Smarter ways of doing business with YRfree
Smarter ways of doing business with YRfree


Increased productivity, reduced costs and improved customer experience and satisfaction - YRfree real-time video and audio evidence capture raises standards across the task identification, pre and post survey, and works to completion process.