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Will YRfree work with my mobile device?

YES. Through our in-house QA processes we test as many mobile devices as is possible to ensure YRfree software remains compatible. For the best possible experience we currently suggest the following minimum specifications for mobile devices – iOS 7.1 (iPhone 5 or above), Android 4.1.1, Windows Phone 8.1


Will the mobile app work anywhere? 

Recorded video & photos can be uploaded from anywhere you have a data signal, and the better the signal the faster the upload. Realistically for recorded two-way (or more) live communication a 3G signal or 4G/Wi-Fi is needed


What if I have a problem with the app?

The first thing you should do is contact your company’s IT Department as they may have a simple solution. Alternatively, email our support team free at or call +44 333 800 2888

To help us diagnose and correct any problems, please tell us the nature of the problem, the version of the app you have (see the Help Section in App), and the make and model of your mobile device. We’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.