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Smart Connections in the Utilities and Facilities Sector

A highly competitive sector under increasing pressure to meet customer service demands, against a backdrop of growing regulation and a demanding health & safety culture.

YRfree real-time, two-way audio and video data capture technology for mobile enables you to make smarter connections. It allows you to ‘see what your workforce and customers see’, then store essential evidence for what your regulators ‘might need to see’.

Our technology captures data on-site, in a tamperproof evidential wrapper, delivered securely to our hardened enterprise media hub for review, assessment and intelligent action.

Better customer experiences

Save time and reduce costs

Why YRfree video capture technology?

How YRfree benefits the utilities sector
Flexibility to suit your business model

Harness the power of YRfree in your business

Increased productivity, reduced costs and improved customer experience and satisfaction - YRfree real-time video and audio evidence capture raises standards across the task identification, pre and post survey, and works to completion process.