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Smart connections in the healthcare sector

The pressure is on the healthcare sector to achieve more consultations and deliver better patient outcomes, in less time and at lower cost within both primary and secondary care provision, as well as chronic disease management.

 YRfree real-time, two-way audio and video data capture technology for mobile enables healthcare professionals to make smarter connections with patients and their peers. It allows them to ‘see what their colleagues and patients are seeing’, from triage and clinical decision making, through active treatment, to after care and beyond.

Our technology captures patient data, in a tamperproof evidential wrapper, delivered securely to our hardened enterprise media hub for review, assessment and intelligent action.

Secondary care

Chronic disease patient management

Why YRfree video capture technology

How YRfree benefits the healthcare sector
Primary care


Do more with less, reduce costs and increase efficiency both in terms of resource, quality of evidence gathered and improved patient outcomes.
YRfree real-time video and audio evidence capture will also help you manage issues of compliance, respond with greater speed and help improve and prolong lives.